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Afghanistan; Through The Eye Of Professor Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi, By Bolaji O. Akinyemi


Professor Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi, was simply known as Bolaji Akinyemi, for many years, a respected public figure since my secondary school days, in the 80s, what a joy it holds for me back in those days to have a Professor of repute share names with, though mine was then Bolaji Akinyemi Ogunseye. The drop of Ogunseye is a story for another day. 

Prof, has invited me to join him several times on “THRU my EYES”, which is an analysis of event around the world considered to be international proportional impacts, it holds on Zoom. 

Last Thursday, I was in Ijero Èkìtì, to honor the memories of a late friend and support his spiritual son, whom Danjuma Tafawa Balewa handed over to me to encourage for leadership, Prince Adekunle Ogidi, is a perfect reflection of my late friend in frankness, humility and productivity, a born leader. He was commissioning 3 bore holes solar powered within Ijero Ekiti. 

I was meant to leave Ijero after the event scheduled for between 11am and 1PM, but was determined to stay back to enable me join the Zoom session on the invitation of Professor Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi. 

It was an interview secession. The first Salvo  required to know from our adjunctant professor of international relations: “what is your assessment of the US handling of the Afghanistan war?

Prof’s response was educating as expected: “I think the General failed to use his (his Country’s) strengths to overcome his (her) weaknesses. He could have used this to override the the strengths of the enemies. Essentially, he, the General could have used mainly Airforce planes to continously bomb Afghanistan soldiers and warlords who were very conversant with their own country’s hilly, marchy terrain or topography even if he had to bomb for 30 days or more!

Instead, he put the American troops on the ground thereby sadly readucing 15,500 American soldiers to 2,500, a colossal calamity!

THE Afghanistans and Tallibans never believe war ever ends until the end of the whole earth!

America has openly recognized the Tallibans which isn’t strategic or tactical. Freezing the accounts of Tallibans in the US can only temporarily deter them, not permanently! They’ll increase their focus on other means of income like drugs, sell to miscreants in the US and other places, further  destroying US youths, possible leaders of tomorrow! 

There are also large deposits of bauxite that can be used to raise money!

Many observers are of the opinion that the US messed up, but, it wasn’t only the US that messed up. The UK & RUSSIA messed up too! 

What is it with these Tallibans?

We should blame the intelligence community for making the wrong deductions!
 Let me correct one thing, BRITAIN didn’t mess up. When Biden opened up on what he was going to do, BRITAIN opposed it!

THE NATO chief, in an interview said when America decides to leave, we  could not make the EU to remain.

America left too openly. The fault was from Washington! American Military High Command didn’t like it but, they couldn’t really speak out! Former President John F. Kennedy is missed right now! On Cuba, he accepted responsibility for what happened and promised it will NEVER happen again!

But Biden, the present American president was before, an empathic person but now, he is showing a different body language! I am very sorry to say this, perhaps, the death of his son is still affecting him-a personal tragedy!

Biden was said to have accepted blame by saying the bulk stops at his table and he relied on intelligence report. Could he have pulled out of Afghanistan in a different way?

Yes, his admission was a coded language for accepting guilt. This reminds us of Kissinger during President Nelson and one other guy  under John F. Kennedy, were intelligent people and not people from the beaurocratic arena.

I had been following the trend of events and please check, we had predicted accurately what is happening now. If professor BOLAJI AKINYEMI can accurately predict the course of events about Afghanistan, why did it take a whole US twenty years and yet, failed?

Why did Biden pull out the remaining 2,500 troops without first pulling out the auxilliary staff that served the military eg the drivers, cooks, wash men, gardeners etc?

Besides, he said this will happen by end of September, but, he did it much earlier-middle of August. He then sent back 7,000 troops to secure the internal Americans!
THE Peace Agreement already signed may not allow the Afghans to attack any American citizens living in the outskirts and so far, they are keeping their words.
YES, it appears so but, it was an unnecessary risk! 
Let us come to Africa. In South Africa, it was alleged that Johnson and Johnson was making vaccines in South Africa and moving them out to Europe while South Africans are suffering. Why is this so?
That is Vaccines Imperialism! It is because of the clause in the signed agreement. That is power of a multinational used against the interest of a moderately poor nation! The lesson to learn here is that: you should develop your own capabilities when you have the capacity to do so. 

It cannot happen in Rwanda or Ghana. It can only happen in South Africa or Nigeria who have leaders who are mainly interested in lining their pockets. I am blaming the present governments in these two countries.

Thabo Mbeki was in power in South Africa, Obasanjo, in Nigeria. – – – – was at the helm of affairs in South Africa, Jonathan, in Nigeria. Now, Cyril Namaphosa in South Africa and Mohammad Buhari in Nigeria. The resources with these countries were misused. If it were Rwanda or Ghana, they would have done wonders!
In Zambia an opposition leader has won elections, what is your reaction?

Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray! This is good news coming out of Africa! Here is a successful business man (though, no Billionaire business man is completely honest). But, this man knows about development and being rich, he needs not steal money!

Trump was a billionaire before he became president. Some may argue that this did not help America! Trump only had paper wealth. He had bankruptcy problems. The Supreme Court ruled for access to his assets. So, Trump was a fake billionaire, not an example to use!
At the embassy of US in Cuba, sounds were absorbed by the brains of Americans causing serious ailments and syndrome. Shouldn’t the Americans be looking into their embassy perhaps it wasn’t from the outside but, from the machineries in the embassy. It is like Covid being said to be from Wuhan in China!

WHY is it happening only in the American embassy? Why not in any other country’s embassy? Why didn’t US consider the possibility of a machinery (or machineries malfunctioning)?

There is focused press coverage on Afghanistan, yet, a country like Haiti, with series of crises and killings of many,  is not covered, what is your view sir?
It is what we scholars of analysis have always been aware of as Power being the determining factor for interest and anything!
When Washington sneezes, everyone is catching cold but, Haiti’s sneeze is like the sounds of mosquitoes, which is simply waived off!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is a communication logistic expert. C. Ẹ. O, Masterbuilder Communications,

[email protected]


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