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Babangida: The Tyrant, Destroyer Of Nigeria, By Bayo Oluwasanmi


it’s somewhat old hat at this point to point out that Ibrahim Babangida, the destroyer of our nation, is an homicidal tyrant who initiated the three greatest crimes in the history of Nigeria. Rehashing all of his crimes would require a much longer article. Here are the three major specific cases of almost unimaginable cruelty inflicted by Babangida during his time as military dictator. 

(1) He took the IMF loan despite the advice of leading Nigerian economists against such a loan. The consequences of the IMF loan crushed the Nigerian economy. The naira was devalued. The structural adjustment programme, popularly known as SAP, sapped Nigerian workers and wiped out the middle class. (2) He introduced 419 through scam and fraudulent programmes such as Better Life For Rural Women headed by his wife. (3) He annulled the freest and the fairest election in the history of Nigeria. 


Babangida is a crude peasant and unstable person. His need for attention, recognition, and adulation can’t be denied. Only in Nigeria would a shameless and incorrigible dictator like Babangida come on national television and run his foul mouth to castigate separatist agitators. The gap-toothed Fulani tyrant said on Arise TV: “It is always good to agitate but because there is this belief that this country should be one. When they make the noise, they find that it won’t get supported because Nigerians generally don’t believe in anything that would disturb their peace of mind. They won’t do it.”


Whose belief is it that Nigeria should remain one? The majority of Nigerians want the country to break up. Only the Fulani and other minority elites who profit from the jagajaga Nigeria want Nigeria to continue as one. Which peace of mind is Babangida referring to? Peace of mind by victims of Fulani terrorists? Peace of mind by victims of killer squads of Buhari state secret police – DSS? Peace of mind by victims of Buhari sponsored kidnappers and Boko Haram? Peace of mind by victims of hunger, disease, unemployment, repression, oppression, by Buhari’s tyranny, nepotism, and clueless leadership? 


Babangida must be suffering from delusion or dementia or both by insinuating that Nigerians enjoy peace at this strange and scary period full of fear, insecurity, hopelessness, helplessness, and uncertainty in the country. Whether the likes of Babangida and his Fulani morons like it or not, Nigeria will break up. Nigeria is a damaged good. In fact, it’s rotten and the stench is suffocating. And the only way out of the suicidal mission of the Fulani pilots is for Yorubas to leave Nigeria by the nearest exit. 


The Babangidas, Buharis, and Abachas of the world haunt our cultural imaginations. Yorubas as civilised people can no longer live with these Fulani terrorists, savage beasts, and tyrants who possess extreme capacity for evil. This is it. This the end of Nigeria as a country. Indeed, “there was a country.”


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