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If Nigeria’s Government Wants Relevance It Should Key Into The NINAS Movement, By Ndidi Uwechue


Intelligence level (for instance IQ) as revealed by academic results, or skills is not enough. We have seen Nigerians with high IQ levels who may even have studied in top universities abroad, plus held senior positions in European or American establishments, only to get given a leadership position in Nigeria and end up being a common thief, using their position to loot public money. That is because their Morality Quotient is low. Morality Quotient (MQ) has been defined as “the measure of your ability to do the right thing, even in the most trying times”. 

In a free society, which would also be a civilised society, the MQ of those in leadership whether in business, academia or government, tends to be high. Still more, the kind of government that has relevance is the kind that is appreciated by its people, so would be the kind that exhibits moral intelligence, and therefore has a high MQ. An observer of Nigeria would not be able to see evidence of much moral intelligence among the leaders or the influencers. They would dismiss Nigeria as of low MQ, unable to be trusted to give valuable opinions in the international arena, and therefore of no global relevance.


Nigeria is facing trying times. These are self-inflicted trying times. Inflicted by the leaders and influencers. Governance is done by bullying and by threatening, and of course, by the use of violence and deadly force (who can ever forget the Lekki Massacre of End SARS peaceful protesters). Those are the only tactics of low MQ governance: fear and force!


Nigeria’s self-inflicted trying times are founded on the imposed 1999 Constitution that is a known forgery. The fact that that document is still emplaced is quite SCANDALOUS. It is a crime of high order to force upon any people a Constitution they never wrote or agreed; a Constitution that is against their good and their welfare; a Constitution that prevents them defending themselves against armed invaders! That exposes a government of zero MQ. A government that presides over such a situation cannot have the respect of its people (or of the watching international community) and such a government cannot have any relevance to its people (or to the watching international community). 


South Africa had a similar situation to Nigeria’s trying times. South Africa’s had also been self-inflicted and had also been based on a rogue Constitution, the Apartheid Constitution that Black people had never made or agreed. The President at the time had been Frederik de Klerk, a lawyer. Before that, de Klerk had been a Minister in Botha’s government where he had upheld that sham Apartheid Constitution. However, when he became President, he admitted that it was WRONG to continue with an Apartheid Constitution that massively benefitted him, whilst being an injustice to Black people. Showing a higher MQ than his predecessors, de Klerk agreed to dismantle the Apartheid system by decommissioning that Constitution, and he negotiated with Mandela to establish a transitioning arrangement for a new political order. De Klerk was not a saint and some Black people believe that he could have done more. What is important is that he had enough moral intelligence to make a positive difference to end the injustice of an imposed Apartheid Constitution.


Returning to the Nigerian situation, will the duo of retired General: Buhari and Professor of Law cum Pastor: Osinbajo have the level of MQ needed to be relevant to the people? Or will they go down as yet another set of African failures – who only took their people down the road of violence and misery, plus in their case, of genocide against indigenous peoples? Here are some facts to consider thoroughly about the current leadership:

Their positions of President and Vice-President are created by a 1999 Constitution that is a forgery, thus illegitimate. That means their positions have the same status as that Constitution… So of what ACTUAL relevance are they?


NINAS Movement Proclaimed a Constitutional Force Majeure that started the process of Decommissioning the illegitimate 1999 Constitution. Therefore Nigeria is a Disputed Project… So of what ACTUAL relevance are they?


Sovereignty belongs to the people… So of what ACTUAL relevance are they?


The NINAS Movement has moral intelligence on its side, and that is why it has wide acceptance, including internationally. NINAS made it clear that to prevent a descent into complete anarchy, governance structures would remain in place during the transitioning process. So despite some privately held reservations, those in government would get to keep their jobs.


Repeating it: MQ is “the measure of your ability to do the right thing, even in the most trying times”. Nigeria’s trying times can be stopped at the snap of a finger if the leaders and influencers could raise their MQs. What we see them doing instead, is to earlier than is usually the case, begin to push and drive the people into general elections in 2023. They know that herding the populace to those elections renews the life of that illegitimate 1999 Constitution when the declared winner swears an Oath of Office to uphold it. That is where they defy the people. The people’s NINAS Movement insists that preparations to general elections in 2023 be halted for a transitioning period to correct the fraud of the 1999 Constitution.


The corrupt political class and the equally corrupt influencers class should realise that Nigeria is in a different era now. The NINAS Movement with its high MQ has the force of Justice on its side. This is therefore an appeal to government to show moral intelligence and to swiftly key into the NINAS Movement. Remember that the illegitimate 1999 Constitution produces an illicit government. Remember Blaise Compaoré.


Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.





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