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Nigeria @ 61: Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)! By Bayo Oluwasanmi


At 61, Nigeria is on DNR. Nigeria has long teetered on the precipice of failure. There are four kinds of nations: The strong, the weak, the failed, and the collapsed. Nigeria is unable to keep its citizens safe and secure, it has become a fully failed state.  

As a failed state, Nigeria has failed at some of the basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government: a federal government that is so weak and ineffective with little or no political control over much of its territory, non-provision of public services, widespread corruption and criminality, inability to enforce its laws uniformly, judicial ineffectiveness, limitation to political participation and voice, sparing provision of educational and medical services, endemic unemployment, poverty, hunger, fear of tomorrow, refugees and involuntary movement of citizens to other countries.

So, thinking of Nigeria at 61, nothing came but tears. There’s nothing to celebrate about Nigeria’s 61 years of independence. Only the profiteers of the rot and the killers of Nigeria celebrate every October 1st. They are the only people still wish for a country that’s on DNR. In today’s Nigeria, fear of death is an eternal companion in these evil times. As Nigeria celebrates its 61st birthday, would it be appropriate to write a eulogy for its seemingly inevitable death? Or is it just another delay in Nigeria’s preordained death? 

A nation can choose to either exalt itself to her people, thereby becoming an object of national pride. Or it can hide by dulling the citizen’s senses and intelligence, thus negating the primary purpose of a nation. So far, the body of evidence shows Nigeria pursues the second path. 

The gloomy prognoses convinced majority of Nigerians, victims of Buhari’s evil regime, that the chances of recovery for Nigeria is nil, zero! Nigeria cannot be resuscitated. It is beyond resuscitation. Nigeria has moved from failed state to the collapse column. Only Nigerians can save Nigeria. And the only way we can save Nigeria is to break it up into as many parts as needed. The dismantling has already begun. Delay is dangerous. Let’s hasten the total collapse and go our separate ways!


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