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Nigerian Defence Academy Attack: A Sign That Nigeria Is Headed Towards Afghanistan Regime, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed


Nigeria is a crime scene where the self-styled Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces has been defeated by terrorists.


Obviously, one need not be told that Nigeria is a failed state. Nigeria’s security architecture has been hijacked, whilst the so-called “repentant terrorists” are given access to some classical information with the recruitment of terrorists into the Nigerian army.

Imagine our topmost military base was cheaply invaded by terrorists. Obviously, Nigeria is being subdued by external forces. It shows how embarrassingly weak our security architecture is, and the extent to which it has been compromised.


No doubt, our sovereignty has been challenged and defeated. Apparently Nigeria is heading towards Afghan regime where terrorists overthrew and chased out a sitting president.


When evil is being condoned on the basis of tribe, ethnic and religious sentiments, innocent people fall as victims of terrorists’ attacks.


This unwarranted situation is allowed and harboured by the clueless regime. The blunt refusal to checkmate and prosecute these terrorists gave them the temerity to spread their tentacles across the country.


If the defenders of this country could be defeated by terrorists, then nothing else is left. But the question is: who then will defend the ordinary citizen?


Nigeria is in a delicate situation, made worse by the fact that the government has bluntly refused to proscribe killer Fulani herdsmen as a terrorist organisation despite going around the country maiming and killing innocent people.


If this demonic act could be taken to the door steps of Nigerian army with no consequences, what then will the army tell the civilians? How can they possibly defend civilians when they cannot even defend themselves? Will the Nigerian Army call on civilians to rescue them and restore normalcy in their own barracks?


Should we say the Nigerian military has no intelligence gathering or that terrorists just disappeared and appeared in their base?


These are major reasons Nigerians need to wake up and revolt. Because if terrorists can boldly invade the Defence Academy to kill and abduct two majors in their own base, then it goes without saying that Nigeria is not safe in the hands of these vagabonds in power.


It also means that Government House is not safe either. Nigeria can know no peace until the government listens to the yearnings of the masses and allow justice to prevail.


The tragedy is that these terrorists have more access to modern and sophisticated weapons through Nigeria’s porous border in the north than Nigerian Army may does.


Shamefully, this regime, in a failed bid to cover up its appalling incompetence, claimed that the embarrassing attack is a wake up call that will ultimately motivate the Nigerian Army to intensify efforts against terrorism. This is sickening!


The reaction of Dictator Buhari on Governor Ortom of Benue state sounded outrageous. Governor Ortom has been complaining about Fulani herdsmen invasion in Benue State for long.


His people have been maimed, raped, kidnapped and killed by these terrorists called the nomadic Fulanis whom Buhari regime bluntly refused to proscribe.


Garba Shehu laughably claimed that Governor Ortom’s words can cause a replica of Rwanda’s genocide in Nigeria.


 Why is it that Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has not been picked up and jailed following his uncontrolled and incendiary statements that caused genocide against southern Kaduna people?


It is also on record that Governor El-Rufai paid billions to killer Fulani herdsmen to stop the genocide in Southern Kaduna. However, despite that payment, the genocide continues as I write.


Should we say that Governor Ortom is also responsible for all the killings and kidnappings in the country as Garba Shehu claimed?


The dictator in power has the knack for shifting blames at all times, when he ought to accept his numerous mistakes and take responsibilities for his catastrophic regime.


Terrorist are gradually resuming as businessmen. So emboldened have they become that they attacked a military base – headquarters of Nigerian Army.


 Dictator Buhari’s comfort is sheer foolishness. His so-called fortress is their next target.


Amidst these embarrassments, dictator Buhari’s regime is busy attacking peaceful protesters in the Southern part of the country, whilst leaving his hometown of Katsina and elsewhere on a fire set by terrorists he continues to pamper.


The wildfire raging towards us can equally consume us together if the oppressed people refuse to revolt and end this woeful regime for good. It is only a fool that will go to bed and sleep comfortably when his roof is on fire.


In present-day Nigeria, nobody is safe until everybody is safe.


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