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Respecting Criminal Political Office Holders By Remi Oyeyemi


The culture of respecting political office holders regardless of their behaviors and acts in the office, has to be subverted. It must come to an end.


The fact that someone is a President or a Governor, a Senator, Member of House of Representatives, a Minister or Commissioner should not automatically confer any form of respect whatsoever.


Office holders at any level who are obviously acting criminally, irresponsibly, indifferently and incompetently must be challenged in the most truculent ways.

Citizens in various capacities must disobey, disrespect and confront incompetent, crooked and  criminally tendentious political office holders.


The idea that they ought to be treated with gloved hands because they have families is arrant nonsense and a balderdash. In fact, it is very obnoxious and nauseating.


How could an idiot who found his way to the Presidency or a Governorship be respected simply because he is someone’s father, husband, son or brother, when he is destroying the lives of so many innocent families whose fortunes he is supposed to manage and improve?


In my opinion, it is part of what we do that has to change. The idea is malodorous. Giving crooked political office holders any form of respect is like incubating retrogression if not stagnancy. That is why and how they appropriate the noxious confidence to be more irresponsible. They act with temerity and effrontery. They become bold in their actions thinking that they are tin God’s when they are nothing but deodorized crooks who should be in jails when they are lucky not to be publicly executed or hanged for their actions.


Political office holders at any level who are not acting properly and exuding impudence ought to be called out, be disrespected and “disgbayied.”  A criminal and crooked individual does not deserve any modicum of honour at any level simply because such a person is holding a political office.


Our lingo, attitude and actions have to be purified along this line if we want an improved polity where responsible leadership is the hallmark. 


In the Churches, Mosques, any public fora, media and the streets, they ought to be derobed as in being exposed, dishonoured and put to cancerous shame to discomfort and if necessary, humiliate out of that office.


Thieves, crooks and  irresponsible political office holders as President, Governors, Ministers, Commissioners, Senators or whatever have to be socially incinerated or cremated. It is the first step towards sanity in the polity.


©Remi Oyeyemi.


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