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The challenges of working abroad for expat freelancers – Nairametrics


There is some mystique related to being an expat. It can be an escape from the different pressures at home. Working and living abroad has become possible for many freelancers’ thanks mainly to the internet. All in theory, all freelancers have the freedom to work from anywhere, there are just a few of them who actually go through and relocate to another country. You will find that there are several freelancers out there that moved abroad in recent times. Most of them will agree that the benefits of being an expert freelancer outweigh the challenges. Let’s take a closer look at the life of expat freelancers.

Better control

Many times, the expat CVs are not as portable as needed. If they are viewed from another cultural context, your qualifications are interpreted less favourably than compared to the local prospects. For instance, the apprenticeship system in Switzerland lets people train for particular roles from a tender age. This means there are people that possess certificates that match the job requirements word-to-word. Employers also might not understand your skills and experience to suit the role even though it is obvious to you. So, rather than messing about in a system that seems like it is conspiring against you, take the step to become a freelancer as it will help you become more proactive and develop a job for yourself.

More flexibility

Although all of us will have the deadlines and appointments we have to adhere to, freelancers can usually structure the time available as they deem fit. Why not complete all your work if it is raining outside. You can later plan excursions when the weather conditions improve. There is one problem though. When you land a job abroad, your employer can offer assistance in settling in. In most cases, freelancers are on their own and have to be creative in getting help. For the problems that constantly require attention such as taxes, visas, and transport, be in touch with relevant organizations and ask questions. There are many challenges that are specific to certain fields such as for clinical evaluation report writers in the medical field etc.

Another perspective

Setting up a business provides valuable experience about the new country from a unique perspective. You can network with the locals and other expats, practice the language skills, etc. in the context you never anticipated, and learn significant lessons about how things work in the country. However, keep in mind that moving abroad is expensive and you are going to find deposits, fees, and insurance policies cropping up all the time, especially when it is not the time to be low on funds. If remote freelancing does not work out you will have to find alternatives such as registering a new company. For instance, in Hong Kong, you can use the help of the Hong Kong company registration service for this purpose.

Investment One

Work-life balance

When you move abroad it brings the pressure of getting out there and exploring to live life to the fullest. It is tough to shake off the feeling that you are spending hours away from the laptop and it is money lost. Many expats try to keep their weekends and evenings sacred but end up checking their emails one last time before going to bed. But several freelancers grow over a period of time. But even in that case, the freelancers will find themselves longing for a steady paycheck. You would wish for colleagues sidling up in the kitchen and you can disassociate from work at the end of the day.


One thing you must note here is that although you are working for someone else it does not necessarily mean that all the perks listed above will be denied. It does not resolve all the issues either. It is definitely possible that you will feel lonely even when you are surrounded by people. Some people sneak up in the office on weekends to catch up with work. Many workplaces are also exploring the possibility of flexible working hours and remote work opportunities. This will allow the employees better control and more freedom. It is up to us in the end to decide our priorities and deal-breakers that will fit the best.


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